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3 Effective Tips For Picking A Reputable Plastic Surgeon

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If you’re ready to improve your look finding a skilled plastic surgeon is your next step. Do online and offline due diligence to build a watch list of potential surgeons in your area. By combining the power of the internet with your family and friend network you can choose a plastic surgeon who meets your specific needs.

Use these 3 tips to select a reputable plastic surgeon.


Interview your prospective plastic surgeon to ensure that you have a match. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your surgeon. Establishing a bond with your doctor can make for smooth sailing during the surgery. Gauging their intent becomes easier during an in person interview. Don’t rush through your due diligence campaign. Are your looks important to you? If the answer is “yes” don’t work with someone until you’ve have a sit down.

Be direct and honest. Interview your prospective surgeon to find a good match and to let go poor matches. Ask about their education. Have they performed procedures similar to yours? Get a feel for their general intent. The most skilled surgeon can put themselves over the top if they place your needs first.

Unless you genuinely express interest in having multiple procedures done be wary of any surgeon who suggests more surgeries. Some well-meaning professionals may spot a few areas which can be augmented but others may desire to make more money off of a patient. Sitting down for an in person interview helps you separate honest surgeons from their less scrupulous counterparts.

3 Effective Tips For Picking A Reputable Plastic Surgeon

Use the Internet

Use the web to save yourself time. Visit online forums, social media sites and blogs to strengthen your fact finding mission. Does the surgeon have a professional-looking website? In this day and age most reputable plastic surgeons have a web presence. Cruise the web to find patient reviews. Look for largely positive, glowing testimonials trumpeting the plastic surgeon’s skills.

Visit social media websites to find feedback concerning a surgeon. Google Plus Communities, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups are but a few social media sites which offer you both positive and negative reviews of plastic surgeons. The internet provides you with a convenient, effective way to prune down your watch list of potential professionals.

Query Google to find niche specific forums. These online goldmines give you just about all you need to know regarding a plastic surgeon. Visit their blog and website to look for positive endorsements. Acquire as much information as possible online to make your search less time-intensive.

Referral Network

Has your best friend had a tuck? Ask your friend and family network for referrals. A neighbor or co-worker has likely had work done. Ask them who their doctor was and whether or not they were happy with the surgeon’s work. Word of mouth marketing is a trusted form of advertising. You tend to buy in to the opinion of good friends and close family members. Don’t be shy. Search far and wide through your personal network to find a plastic surgeon for your procedure.