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3 Tips For Finding Good Auto Parts

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Finding reliable, trustworthy auto parts requires strict research on your part. Although most dealers are honest you may need to dig a bit deeper to learn about the price and quality of certain parts to get a good deal on your buy.

Use the following tips to purchase auto parts with an intelligent plan in mind.

Compare and Contrast

If you need a new part look around the local dealership to do your pricing homework.  When armed with the knowledge that dealers are charging a set price for a new part you can better negotiate at the junkyard.

Shop around diligently to find matching used parts. What’s the price difference between new and used? Go for the lowest price but don’t sacrifice quality. If you’ll be back in the junkyard looking for the same part in 3 weeks it makes little sense to buy on the cheap.

3 Tips For Finding Good Auto Parts

Do Strict Due Diligence

Doing thorough research gives you confidence in your purchase. Research both online and offline for a rounded approach to your due diligence campaign. Using the internet helps you tap into a wealth of knowledge and a huge network of dealers around your country and the world.

For example, if you’re looking for a rare part you may be out of luck after searching through your general vicinity. Hopping online gives you access to used auto parts from virtually anywhere.

Look for closer locations if you’re worried about shipping costs. Trawl through online niche forums, social networking sites, blogs and business sites to find the quality used part that you need.

Set aside 30 minutes daily to do your online homework. Save yourself time and gas by shopping online.

After doing online due diligence hop in your car to shop around in your general vicinity. Junkyards provide you with a treasure trove of reliable, quality used auto parts.

Stop by a few yards to see what you’re working with. Depending on the make and model of your car you may be able to find a quality part quickly.

Those searching for a rarer part may want to spend a significantly time online researching potential used auto parts stores. Before you spend a small fortune driving yourself to and from junkyards do some legwork online to smooth out your journey.

Haggle Intelligently

Nobody likes an arrogant, know-it-all car enthusiast who looks for unreasonable prices when buying auto parts. Be honest. Haggle intelligently so both parties get what they want.

You want a quality car part and the dealer wants to make the sale. If you both meet at a reasonable, sensible price both parties will be happy.

After doing your online research you can negotiate from an informed, fair space. Don’t let greed get the better of you. If you attempt to jerk a dealer or junkyard owner around they’ll be happy to return the favor. You’ll either be out of a car part or you’ll have to pay through the nose to get the part that you need.