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The United States is home to some of the world’s longest state highways. These roads are important because they connect the different states and cities within the country.

Below is a list of the top ten longest state highways in the United States:

Highway 200, Virginia

Impressive at 706 miles, the Montana Highway 200’s route runs east from ID 200 near Heron, Montana, to ND 200 in Fairview of the same state. It connects Montana’s major cities like Great Falls and Missoula, as well as its small towns.

State Route 1, California

Also called SR1, this national highway runs along most of the Pacific coastline of California. It measures a little more than 655 miles, and extends from Interstate 5 to U.S. Highway 101. SR1 is notable for running along some of the most scenic coastlines in the United States.

The Longest State Highways In The United States

State Highway 3, Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Highway 3 (also known as SH-3 or OK-3), runs diagonally from Panhandle to the southeastern corner of the state. Its length is an estimated 615 miles, making it the longest public road in Oklahoma.

Route 1, Alaska

Route 1 is a state highway that crosses Anchorage from Homer to Tok. It is the only highway in Alaska that has freeways, the Glenn Highway between Anchorage and Palmer, and South Anchorage’s Seward Highway.

State Highway 16, Texas

Texas SH 16 is the longest state highway in the state, but it is only the ninth longest highway overall. Its road markings run for 541.8 miles, and go through various Texas ranchlands up to San Antonio in the south.

State Route 1, Tennessee

SR1 is also called the Memphis to Bristol Highway, paying homage to the route it follows. Most of it travels concurrently with US-70 and US-11W, and covers much of the Arkansan state line, all the way to Bristol. This state highway is 538.8 miles long.

State Road 5, Florida

SR 5 runs an estimated 536 miles, from Key West, Florida to Jacksonville, then from Jacksonville to Saint Mary’s River in Georgia. SR 5 runs along an old road called Olive Avenue, a lesser-known Federal Highway running parallel to the much wider and known Dixie Highway.

Highway 92, Nebraska

Highway 92 runs along the western border of the Nebraska and passes along several major attractions, including the Oregon Tail, Ash Hollow State Historical Park, and the Nebraska Sand Hills. It is around 489 miles in length.

Route 80, Kentucky

The ninth longest state highway in the United States runs for 483.5 miles. It was split into two segments from 2003 to 2009, but is currently open as a four-lane highway from Mayfield to Aurora, with plans to extend to Cadiz in the next few years.

Highway 1, Louisiana

Capping of the list is Highway 1, the longest numbered highway in Louisiana. At an estimated 432 miles, LA 1 runs diagonally across the state and connects many gas and oil fields near Grand Isle to Shreveport in the northwest corner.

State highways are important public roads, providing convenient routes for motorists traveling from one state to another. Travelers would do well to familiarize themselves with them, especially during long, across-the-country trips.

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Depression affects millions of people and it destroys lives. Not only can it destroy the life of the person feeling depressed - it can also destroy the life of the people around the person that is suffering. It can be easy to tell a person to simply stop feeling depressed, but it is important to know that the condition is serious and requires management. What doesn’t help are demands to simply change. Unfortunately, you can’t snap your fingers and make the depression disappear. What you can do, however, is explore a number of natural treatment options. There are more and more studies proving that natural remedies for depression can often be a lot more powerful than unnatural methods. Here are some natural depression treatment options.

Natural Depression Treatment Options

  1. Completely rearrange your life and change your routine. One of the best ways to naturally combat your depression is to rearrange your life and amend your routine. In order to do this, you want to write down lists and you want to stop some of your bad habits. For instance, if you do something that worsens your depression, you want to find a way to stop the negative cycle.
  2. Get exercise and get your blood pumping. Exercise is another great way to get your blood pumping and to reduce your depression. When your blood is pumping, so are the chemicals in your brain that are responsible for regulating your mood. Studies show that exercising everyday can have a significantly positive affect on your mood. You don’t need to do any rigorous exercises – a simple twenty-minute walk or jog around the block will do the trick.
  3. Go to sleep earlier and get more shut eye. Sleep is a little bit like a miracle cure when it comes to illnesses and depression. If you have a hard time going to sleep at night, you may want to work on bringing your bedtime to an earlier hour. If you have a sleep disorder like obstructive sleep apnea, you may want to start undergoing treatment to allow yourself to get deeper sleep. Just because you are in bed for eight hours, it doesn’t mean that you are sleeping for that long.
  4. Take natural herbal supplements to battle your depression. Another way to battle depression naturally is to take herbal supplements. These herbal supplements can help regulate your mood and keep your health balanced. For instance, you can visit NutriChem to find a wide selection of these supplements. Before you take supplements, it may be smart to speak with your doctor, because you want to avoid any adverse reactions that may occur. If you are taking other medications, these natural supplements may be harmful.
  5. Eat healthy food. On top of everything, you want to stick to eating healthier foods. Healthy food will give you nutrition and it will boost your immune system, which is essential for a better mood. If you have chronic clinical depression, you may want to create a meal plan for yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to get in the habit of eating healthier food, but it is important to understand how beneficial it can be.

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WhatsApp has been making the headlines recently, and the subject that brought the popular messaging app into the spotlight is the much-anticipated release of a voice calling feature that’s been rumored for quite a while. However, not everybody is on the happy side just yet, as iOS users are yet to benefit from the new feature. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the evolution of WhatsApp, you are probably having a déjà-vu now, as this is not the first time the Facebook-owned app lets iOS users out of the loop, the precedent being the rollout of the WhatsApp web browser version, which worked seamless on pretty much every device except for iOS ones. So, is WhatsApp holding a grudge on iOS users, or is there more to it?

WhatsApp’s Voice Calling: Coming Soon To iOS Too

After having just hit 800 million users, still under Mark Zuckerberg’s planned number of 1 billion, it’s safe to assume that WhatsApp is striving to keep all its users happy, including iOS ones, which make quite a significant chunk of the previously mentioned user base of 800 million. In fact, there’s a clear and logical explanation why the web browser version of WhatsApp refuses to work on iOS: it’s basically because Apple’s mobile environment lacks two essential components needed by the web app – background multi-tasking and push notifications.

WhatsApp’s Voice Calling: Coming Soon To iOS Too

Getting back to the voice calling feature, WhatsApp has announced it way back in February 2014, about the same time when the first talks about the company being acquired by Facebook surfaced. Indications of a beta version of the voice call feature being available to some users surfaced in February 2015, when a Reddit user allegedly presented some images that showed the new feature available in his version of the app. The user, which goes by the nickname of pradnesh07, spotted the feature in WhatsApp version 2.11.508, but after some experiments, he noted that upgrading to said version alone didn’t enable the feature for everyone; instead, one had to receive a voice call from a user that already had the feature activated to have the feature enabled himself. WhatsApp version 2.12.19 was the first to officially introduce the feature without requiring a so-called “invite call”, but iOS was still not on the support list. During the Facebook F8 conference, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Actor said that the voice calling feature will become available on iOS in a “couple weeks”. It is not known whether it took the developers more time to refine the iOS version, or there’s something about the iOS operating system, just as in the case of the browser version, which prevents the feature to work properly, but at least it’s officially confirmed that the feature will be available for iOS as well. Meanwhile, there are workarounds to get the voice call feature on iOS before the official build hits the App Store, but said ways require a jailbroken device and using a potentially-unstable beta version of the app.

WhatsApp’s Voice Calling: Coming Soon To iOS Too

Aside from iOS, other platforms are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of WhatsApp voice call feature: Symbian, BlackBerry, S40 and Windows Phone. While some app developers seem to focus only on the three major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – and sometimes Blackberry, WhatsApp will also be available for the Symbian and S40 platforms, which is likely to put WhatsApp on the same level as its main competitors: Viber, Skype, and Facebook’s own Messenger app.

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Movies are the most liked source of enjoyment across the world, be it Bollywood rumours or the newest the show biz market movie information. Apart from Bollywood and The show biz market, yet another ‘-woods’ that are doing well are Tollywood – Telugu movie opinions and Kollywood - Tamil movie reviews.

The various styles of films are on a rise. Every movie that makes it to the big screen goes through the process of looking at. In a country like Native Indian, where the number of movie lovers is quite high, the show biz market movie information and movie opinions – Tamil or Telugu play a significant role. Some movie motivates us, while some leave us with a bad taste. Every week an array of films launch, guaranteeing our Saturdays and Sundays are well categorized out. Movies have taken a massive advancement with better experiences, complexity of technology and what not.

Tamil Movie Reviews Are Gaining Popularity

Apart from Bollywood rumors and the show biz market movie information, other non-Bollywood movie sectors led by Telugu movie opinions and Tamil movie reviews online, have produced more than half of the complete images created every season from Native Indian. The price range for Tamil theatre and Telugu movie are giving a run to the Bollywood theatre and the movie market in Southeast Native Indian is changing into a modern generator.

There was a moment, when southern Native Indian language movies were the having a laugh stock of the Bollywood theatres. Today it has appeared into a perfect example of quality, both seriously and from the commercial perspective. At national and worldwide levels, Tamil movie opinions and Telugu movie opinions are getting remarkable support and success. For example, one of the biggest price range Tamil movie that launched recently was rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai featuring sci-fi movie Software (Enthiran). The movie obtained a complete profit of whooping â,¹ 1400 crores.

Yet another reason for the popularity of the newest Telugu and Tamil movies launching every season is due to the popularity and respect earned by the southern Native indian celebrities like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Daggubati Venkatesh along with existing day acting professional like Vikram, Vijay, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Charan Tej and many more. The well known celebrities from the past and existing day are liked and worshiped like Gods in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Such is the power of Telugu and Tamil films. The reservation of passes for Tollywood and Kollywood movies happen arrived due to a insane fan following for movies and the movie celebrities, which never stop – in past, existing or in years to come. The idea of spending a good end of the week in southern states means having a moment with loved ones watching some latest movies, hence the growing of the movie market. With the coming of the internet system, any movie related information, From The show biz market movie information to Tamil movie opinions or Telugu movie opinions or story or throw and team details is easily available to the viewers.

Summary – The wait is over. Search about your favorite tamil movie reviews and go watch it!

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Are you a natural when it comes to acting? Have you been the lead in several plays in high school? Now that you’ve graduated, you may have decided to apply for acting school. London, England is one of the best places in the world to learn acting. World-renowned actors and actresses work the West End, and many BBC TV productions. If the glitzy glamour of Hollywood and the hustle of New York is not for you, consider acting in London. London is home to several of the best acting schools in the world. Once your decision is made, you’ll need to find the best acting school in London.

One acting school may be right for the budding actor, while another type may not. There are several different components that you should consider before embarking on acting study. RADA–Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts–may be one of the best acting schools in London, but is it right for you?

Best Acting School In London

Despite your dreams of acting in motion pictures or for a Shakespearean company, the well-rounded actor learns a variety of different acting techniques. You never know when opportunity may strike, and you don’t want to have to turn down the offer as you “skipped the class”. What types of acting courses are available at the best acting school in London?

Screen acting courses are for the actor who is interested in working for motion picture film companies or television production companies. Look for courses on modern on-screen acting techniques. These are perfect for the actor seeking to improve their on-screen performance.

Shakespearean acting classes will help you to learn classical acting for performance on a stage. There are also courses to learn how to act in modern day plays.

Other aspects of acting classes may focus on television commercial acting, or endorsement acting. Radio and podcasting are becoming more popular once again, as well as web series.

Once you decide on whether to focus on one aspect of acting, or to try a mix, you can look at the best acting schools in London, and see what types of acting courses they have to offer.

Another consideration to make is the length of time that you wish to study. Are you interested in weekend acting workshops, or ones that run the length of a semester? Perhaps you wish to take one or two year acting programs that lead onto a an AFA–Associate of Fine Arts, BFA–Bachelor of Fine Arts, or an MFA–Master of Fine Arts.

Your next step is to carefully consider the credentials of the acting professors. Do they have actual experience in the acting field? Do their roles align with the type of roles that you wish to seek? Check the overall reputation of the school. Have they been established for a long time, or did they open yesterday?

After you’ve made these considerations, you’ll be ready to ask for an application form to the best acting school in London, which could possibly be RADA!

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If you are looking to lose weight, and want to try out recipes that would keep you filled and your taste buds happy, while at the same time would not increase your weight, then there are certain tips you need to follow. There are many weight loss food recipes you can find on foodjj.com that you can follow, and make sure that you follow the instructions given as well as use only the amount of ingredients mentioned.

Tips To Make Weight Loss Recipes To Help Lose Weight

This would help ensure that your weight do not continue to increase, and in the due time, would also help you reduce weight. Here are the few tips you can follow -

  • Make sure that you use less of fatty oils.
  • Do not use too much meat, and scrub off fat from meat before using.
  • Have a lot of green vegetables.
  • Have meat steak, rather than other meat recipes.
  • Do not have fried products.
  • Do not have frozen products.
  • Have lots of fruits.
  • Use ingredients that are low on carb, and high in fiber.
  • Make use of multigrain or whole wheat bread.
  • Use brown sugar.
  • Avoid having sweets.
  • Use soy or skimmed milk in recipes instead of regular milk when needed.
  • Use organic food products.
  • Check carbohydrate contents in the ingredients while purchasing.
  • Boiling food helps in taking out much of its unnecessary fat.
  • Eat a lot of salads of different kinds.
  • Avoid using butter and cheese too often.

These are the few tips and techniques that would help you cut down on your weight, easily and quickly. The first and the foremost principle while following this regime and making weight loss recipes at home is to stay consistent. Only when you are consistent in your efforts is when you can get results quickly. Also, make sure that you try out new weight loss recipes from time to time to ensure that you do not lose interest in weight loss routine.

There are hundreds and thousands of weight loss or low fat recipes available on the internet on sites, such as foodjj.com. It becomes much easier to follow such a difficult routine, when you have something interesting to eat every day. The best part is that these low carb or low fat recipes do not take too much time to make, and can be easily made, even by people who are not fond of cooking or don’t have much experience with it. These recipes are so designed that it would keep you filled, while ensuring that you do not feel hungry too often too frequently. This helps to curb your hunger and habit of snacking frequently.