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Deluca and Associates Las Vegas: How Can The Firm Be Of Help?

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Deluca and Associates Las Vegas has carved a special niche for itself in the bankruptcy segment and has Mr. Anthony Deluca at the helm of affairs. A premier bankruptcy law firm, it has garnered an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The firm emphasizes in those aspects that one needs to look into when they are hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Either Mr. Anthony Deluca or his associates will help people in getting rid of their debts by following all those processes in a methodical manner. Their main aim will be towards working with alacrity as per the guidelines that are provided in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

In Nevada, the bankruptcy firm claims to have represented numerous clients and getting them the much needed respite from financial woes. The firm is dedicated especially to dealing with bankruptcy. People go to the firm for its services because they have been referred by their friends or acquaintances. The attorneys at the firm accompany the debtor throughout the filing process and later too. It is a widely known fact that filing for bankruptcy involves a whole lot of complicated processes. When there is an experienced person at the helm of affairs, filing becomes absolutely easy.

Deluca and Associates Las Vegas: How Can The Firm Be Of Help?

Whether it is Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the attorneys at Deluca and Associates Las Vegas ensure that the needful is done for the debtors. All those assets that are nonexempt are sold and the repayments are settled under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Here, the attorney will work towards saving a few of the assets, in short in favor of the debtor. Unsecure debt is eliminated with the help of which the debtor gets a chance to start absolutely afresh. Foreclosure also is stopped and the person can stay in his home for six more months without having to worry about the repayment. Chapter 13 bankruptcy deals with rearranging the repayment module so as to suit the existing financial condition. It is the duty of the bankruptcy attorney to suggest various alternatives when a client comes to them for availing the service. Filing for bankruptcy under this chapter will allow the person to bring his finances back on track.

Deluca and Associates Las Vegas will act as a mediator between the client and the bankruptcy court. As they have been in the arena since quite a long time and are exposed to numerous types of bankruptcy cases, they have the expertise as well as the knowledge too to help people tackle and resurrect their financial condition. The initial consultation at the firm is free and one could directly meet Mr. Anthony Deluca. Meeting an experienced man will definitely give more hope to finding solace from one’s financial misery.

Once the bankruptcy is filed, there is a Stay issued by the bankruptcy court and this will in turn put a stop on all the harassing calls, emails and messages too. The attorneys at the law firm will also ensure that credit counseling is done. In short, the entire process becomes an easy journey when there is expert guidance.