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How To Recheck Your Personal Translation?

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Rechecking personal translation document is not a rocket science. The basic requirement while proofreading personal translations is of understanding the connection between source and targeted document. Most of the time, language experts are called to give a proofreading to the entire structure and work accordingly. But, doing proofreading can be made easy once we know every minute detail of the source content. Below are the common steps/points which are important to check while giving a final touch to the translated document.

1. Review the Language Accuracy:

Take it as one step. Review each and every thing in the translated document in terms of language accuracy. Make sure that each of the things made available are put in coherence with each other. We must put extra efforts on the grammatical portion and should know the correct word to be used for each and everything. At times, the target language and the source language are quite different in terms of expressions. Hence, it is important that we consider the linguistic background of both the languages and then move further. After you are sure that your content is 100% correct, with no grammatical or language expression mistakes feel free to call someone who can read the personal translated document. This will ultimately help you in checking whether the message is being delivered accurately or not.

How To Recheck Your Personal Translation

2. Content Used In Which Context?

It is important while proofreading that the content is used in which context. If the source document tells the whole story in descriptive mood it is important that same should be done with the target language. The motive of the content should not be killed, and hence deep research has to be done that the purpose of translation is served in the best way or not. The translator has to justify that the content translated is reflecting the same facts, and figures along with style and format. At times, the language has to molded in terms of cultural aspects but then the final result should be the same.

3. Structure and Format of the Document

Even if the language of the document is matching the source document then you must take care that the structure and the format must not be distorted. For example if the medical translation has a table inserted in it then the translated version should have a table. If there are 2 paragraph used in a document, the professional translator should also used 2 paragraph. The next part is the format. The format doesn’t only apply imply the language style, or the font and structure but it reflects the size of the document as well. Whether it is an A3 sheet or A4. One has to take care that the translated version is put through quality phrases, including the complete presentation of the paper.

The above facts are not just an regular part of the proofreading but an essential component. Each document should not only be proof read but also rechecked thoroughly. What is more important is that is that once the document is finished it should be able to play the same role as the original one. No time should be wasted in doing the translation again and again since it will only break the connection and flow of the content. A good language services company always proof-read the final version (translated) and look forward for the best presentation but with an quality edge.

About the Author:

Semian has 11 years of experience in rendering personal translation services in Axis Translations Company. He has translated personal documents including marriage and birth certificates, business documents, personal diary.