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Indian Economy Lifting Sexy Lingerie Market

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Lingerie is known as an important part of every woman’s attire. If it is appropriately worn, it will surely make a woman look good and can even offer the “wow” factor to her figure and add confidence to her. Today, lingerie has become a woman’s necessity. Aside from being important, lingerie has silently fall into the lavishness bracket.

How Indian Economy is Divided for Lingerie Business?

In India, the sexy lingerie market is classified into economy and mass, mid-market, premium, and super premium market segment. The majority share of the Indian lingerie market belongs to the economy and mid-market segment. The super premium as well as the premium segment at growing double than the middle segment. Since the retail environment is getting more fashionable and offers an exceptional buying experience to costumers, the super premium and the premium segments will surely get support for additional growth. .

How Rapidly Lingerie Market Makes Remarkable Growth?

The sexy lingerie market of India is making a significant growth and the sellers realize that this market has a greater profit margin than the regular apparels. The sales retail price of lingerie differs from 37 INR for each piece to over 1000 INR per piece. In 2009, the lingerie industry of India was worth 79 billion INR and is anticipated to grow to more than 180 billion INR in 2014. This comprises 5.1% of the entire apparel market in India and 15.8 percent of the entire apparel market for women.

Indian Economy Lifting Sexy Lingerie Market

In the years 2006 to 2009, the lingerie market has increased to 15.8% in Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). At present, the Indian lingerie market has increased at 24 percent. However, this industry is determined by high level of disintegration with nearly 2/3 of the business managed by unorganized and unbranded regional places and the remaining 1/3 by some huge branded organized players. The unbranded sector is valued at 20 billion INR. Hence, it is not an overstatement that the Indian lingerie market may turn out to be the next fashion statement in India.

The lingerie market in India has been given a free rein like never before. It went through a significant transformation over the years. The production of lingerie has also been innovated and technology has contributed to this.

The increasing number of women employees, varying fashion vogues, the improved knowledge about better brands, fits, quality, colors, styles, improving degree of media coverage and access to a huge amount of international brands has offered the lingerie industry a brand new face. Women in India have become picky and give value to lingerie.

With the swiftly spreading of malls in India, the lingerie market will get tough momentum for more growth. Due to the fame of lingerie shops in many shopping centers, the shame that a woman feels when buying or wearing lingerie is already gone. Since time is changing, the young women are also looking for something to add some spice to their closets, and one of their additions is the variety of lingerie available today.

PrivyPleasures is known to offer various lingerie and accessories at different brands. Though Privy has already housed several famous brands, they are not stopping there. According to them, they are not closing their door to offering other brands. Through it, further growth is achievable as the more brands there is available, the more chances for the Indian market to satisfy their shopping thirst. Hence, the continuous growth of Lingerie market in India.