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Living dangerously requires more than just getting a butterfly tattoo on your bottom!  You could climb a mountain, sure, but soaring over its peak is where it’s at when it comes to earning your stripes! North London skydiving is great if you’re just starting out on your skydiving journey, but if you think you’re ready to take things to the next level then tick off this list of the top 10 world’s best places to skydive.

10. Wollongong, Sydney, Australia

What is really make or break when it comes to a skydiving experience?  Of course, it‘s the view. Falling from the sky in Wollongong, Sydney fills your eyes with both the stunning Australian coastline and the sight of Sydney itself. As you are plummeting towards the concrete jungle, be sure to take in the dolphins and whales frolicking around a mile below.

9. Seville, Spain

Talk about flying high! This is absolutely the best you can get in Europe—a massive drop of 15,000 feet for the bargain price of 205€! That is 73 feet for every Euro you’ve spent! Or if you’re a bit scared you can opt for the 10,000 foot drop for 185€ instead. Make sure you jump early in the morning and hit the ground in time for the siesta!

8. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Ok — this one is for experienced sky wranglers only. You might remember this jump from Valery Rozov’s stunt sponsored by Red Bull, but if you don’t, the man dove into an active volcano! You’ll pass a smoking mountain fire hole as well, but I won’t guarantee it will give you wings.

7. Zambia

If you feel diving over a lava-filled volcano is a little too much for you, maybe floating above the highest waterfall on Earth, Victoria Falls, is more up your street. Not only is the waterfall one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Zambezi River is full of real life National Geographic scenes, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a rainbow.

Top 10 World’s Best Places To Skydive

6. Hawaii

If you love to be green, then there’s no better paradise to soar into than Hawaii. Not only can you see almost the entire island (including Pearl Harbour, Diamond Head, Kaena Point and the local marine life), skydiving operations in Hawaii use energy efficient aeroplanes.  You can reduce your skydiving carbon footprint by 40%.

5. Le Marche, Italy

You’ll get a full beach view as you descend back to Earth on this dive as it’s just a few minutes from the Adriatic Sea. The place is well renowned for its friendly, nerve-calming, staff. This will be the ride of your life.

4. Namibia

This immense desert jump, full of caramel coloured dunes and endless blue sky is totally devoid of wildlife, cities and greenery. It’s the most unique and weirdest skydiving view you’re ever going to get.  Falling 10,000 feet from the sky gives you about 5 minutes to come up with the best desert mirage you can imagine.

3. Mauritius

I bet you never thought you could dive with your 12-year-old sister? Well, you can here. This place’s only age prerequisite is that all children under 12 have to suit up before they leave the ground. The little island, off the south east coast of Africa, will throw some amazing views as you fall. It’s a bit pricey, but we just hope those extra pounds ensure that the toddlers are strapped in real tight!

2. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

The crazy Kiwis love their extreme sports. Fox Glacier’s got it all: the Franz Josef Glacier, lakes, rainforests and the Tasman Sea. If jumping out of an African plane sounds a bit too much excitement for you? New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, so you can be assured that its instructors and facilities are top of the range.

1. Everest, Nepal

In the event that you inherit a hefty fortune, I’d highly recommend that you blow it skydiving over the highest peak in the world—Mt. Everest. They only take four skydiving trips per year, and you’ve got to pay out £700 six months before the trip and then an insane £10,000 three months before you take off. Hands down though, this is the most spectacular way to fall from the sky. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bottle of champagne waiting for you when you land.

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There are various reasons you can feel uncomfortable in your couch but one of the most irritating is the constant presence of nasty stains all over the furniture. Isn’t it annoying having permanent, set and obvious stains on the bench? Or greasy marks on the armchair? Or maybe an old wine-spill is ruining your sofa? Then, a few words of advice might be of a service! Trying to figure out how to best treatment for all those old stains may cause you a lot of time and energy so why don’t you try a few pieces of advice first. May be you could find what you hoped for!

• One of the most effective means to clean stains is actually vinegar. It’s in every household but its qualities are rarely appreciated. It’s quite effective food acid which can itch and degrade a wide range of substances, especially foods, drinks and excrements. That is why one of the most effective treatments for food and drink stains is cloth soaked up in vinegar or a solution of equal amounts of vinegar and water if the stain is light. It works fine for most fabrics and surfaces but still vinegar is acid so you should be careful in case of wool, vinyl, polyethylene or any other artificial material surface. Most of those covers are made by some petroproduct which is very hard to clean effective and reliable because it reacts with most cleaners and solvents and you should be very careful with those. Some of these materials can even decompose and release poisonous gases with contact to vinegar, so you should always pay attention to the material covering your upholstery first. Stuffing is important, too. The good news is that most of the “chemical” covers are water and oil-proofed so it’s very hard to stain them and they can be easily cleaned. But vinegar is ok for most of the natural materials and textiles.

Removing Stains From Upholstery

• For any stain the most effective recipe is to try to never happen but once the wine spill is reality or your dog just surprised you the best thing to do is to grab a piece of paper or a cloth and blot it as soon as possible. A major mistake which a lot of people do is to cover and rub the cloth against the surface of the upholstery hoping to get as much as possible of the substance thinking pressing and scraping can get the substance out. But it’s the opposite! Actually, rubbing causes the substance in rather than out of your upholstery and the only thing you can do pressing is to make the problem bigger. In order to prevent further stain you should just cover the surface and absorb as much as possible. Anything else will just make it go into the stuffing increase your trouble. You can try to immediately vacuum, too. There is the chance that before the stain is completely dry you can still suck some of the material so you should take your chances as soon as possible.

• If you want to remove nasty odors and smelly stains from your furniture a nice idea is to use baking soda, either by itself or in solution with vinegar or water alone. You may also prepare a gel like substance with equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar. In that case mixed them well and add water until the gel is soft enough to spread easy. But be careful because you will need substance that is neither too hard to spread, nor too liquid to flow away. You may check your progress by putting a little bit on a plate to see will it leak. It’s perfect at the precise point before leaking. You can use that paste too remove almost smells from organic products – urine, feces, vomit or decaying foods. Just cover the stain for a day or two and if necessary repeat the process. It’s one of nature’s most powerful deodorants but you should be careful about the material of your upholstery. It works fine for natural textiles or fabrics but vinegar is not always the best choice for artificial ones.

• In case of hard-to-remove stains permanently set in your upholstery you might consider using organic solvents. They are typically easy to get from construction materials stores or dry cleaning shops but you should be very careful with them. Some are known to cause cancer while others are outright toxic. Always use in air-conditioned rooms or with easy access to fresh air. They are ideal for most artificial materials and can clean a wide variety of substances but are bit expensive and are very dangerous for the environment. You should take a good care to store them in places not easily accessible for children and be careful for they are flammable and volatile. If you have doubts about using solvents you can always contact a cleaning company and call for a team of professional cleaners for upholstery cleaning. They can best assess the condition of your furniture and offer you the best advice for your situation!

For more helpful information please click here.

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Do you suffer from chronic pain and depression? Don’t worry – you are certainly not alone. According to statistics, over 10 million people suffer from chronic pain. When it comes to depression, over twenty million people are suffering. This suffering is costing people their jobs, their relationships and their lives. Indeed, suicide is a major part of the depressive cycle. This is exactly why chronic pain treatment and depression treatment is so important. Coping is all about finding personalized solutions. The truth of the matter is that each person’s depression is different. One person may lie in bed all day, while another person may overspend money while shopping. Here is how to cope with chronic pain and depression.

How To Cope With Chronic Pain and Depression

  1. Your first step is to bring yourself out of the denial phase – one of the biggest things holding you back from getting help is denial. If you have depression or chronic pain, it can be easy to pass it off as no big deal. However, the more you do this, the worse the pain and depression will become.
  2. After you bring yourself out of the denial phase, you want to start evaluating the source of your pain or depression. Before you seek chronic pain treatment, you want to figure out why you are experiencing the pain. If you get help for your pain or depression and you don’t understand where it is coming from, getting help won’t do anything. For instance, if you are in a stressful relationship, you may need to patch things up before you patch yourself up. If you don’t wear protective gear at work, your injury will only get worse. This is why it is important to spend some time finding the source.
  3. If you have chronic pain, you will want to visit a specialized pain center to seek treatment and relief. Indeed, a specialized treatment center, like Hope Family of Pain Centers, will be able to work with you to find the root of your pain and to develop a multi-pronged approach to tackle the pain. When it comes down to it, you may be prescribed pain medication and you may be required to exercise and change some of your daily habits.
  4. If you are suffering from depression, you will want to find a psychiatrist or psychologist. Depression is an interesting beast, because there are a lot of ways to treat it. For instance, you can treat it with antidepressants, or you can treat it with lifestyle changes. For instance, getting plenty of sleep is the key to reducing depression. Moreover, you may want to eat better and reduce your intake of sugary, fast food meals. If your depression is incredibly severe, you may be prescribed antidepressants.
  5. Make various lifestyle changes – it may save your life. Regardless if a doctor recommends various lifestyle changes or not, you still want to make some amendments. For instance, you want to get more sleep at night. Sleep is essential for regenerating muscles and bones. Studies show that it is also great for treating depression. In the end, you probably want to get some daily exercise too.

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You have your darling pet at home and you would love to be with the animal and spend some of the loveliest moments of the day with the creature. Apart from the happy time spending it is essential that you keep the home clean by removing the pet hairs from all corners. For the same you can get hold of the handheld vacuums in the market. These are extremely efficient for the job to get done in style. The vacuums are great for the cars as well. However, there are certain things for you to keep in mind when selecting to have the vacuum.

The Selection of the Perfect Vacuum

You can choose from the collection of TheGroomAndStyle and for the same you have to take certain things in account. With the hand held vacuums you can easily clean all parts of the home and the stuffs can even act great as car vacuums. When buying the tool you have to take into account the weight and size of the apparatus. You also have to check with the run time the charging time and the accessory set. You have the chord less handheld vacuum and it comes with the high performing motor. The vacuum is known for its cyclonic action and this is the reason you can well use the stuff to clean up the home.

Perfect Vacuums For Pet Hair Removal

More about the Tool

The handheld vacuum comes with an on-board brush and you can even find the crevice tool with can be extended. The accessories coming with the stuffs are all good and none of them are loose performance wise. The design of the vacuum is highly innovative and this makes you fold the device and make use of the rest at work. You have a dirt bowl coming along with the vacuum and you can clean and maintain the same after the accomplishment of the job.

More Trusted Features of the Vacuums

Most of the vacuums that you get to use in the handheld form are perfect for cars as well. The vacuums come with the LED charging light indicators and the mechanism is so easy to be manipulated and used at the same time. You can easily fold the vacuum and this is the reason the stuff can be stored so easily. The tool comes with a perfect nozzle to collect the dirt in complete style. The nozzle is available with plenty of motions and this is the reason you can use the vacuum from so many different angles.

The More List of Attractive Features

One more thing that makes it easy for you to use the vacuum is the several pivots. This is the feature to help you make the best use of the product from variety of angles. This one is great to perform on upholstery and it is not doubt an easy tool to be used for cleaning and dirt removal.  TheGroomAndStyle  vacuum has a filter and this can help you have an easy removal of the chute and for the same you can make the best use of the canister model.

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Do you count yourself amongst the ones who always depend on local guides to get information about the place they visit? If not, then you surely must be one of those tourists who always do a research before leaving for a holiday. So if you are on a research mode currently and planning to visit Kashmir this summer, here is some information that can help you fianlise shopping destinations for your trip in Kashmir:

Shop Till You Drop In Kashmir!

Shopping in Srinagar: 

Srinagar is the first place you reach after landing in Kashmir. Known as the summer capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar mesmerizes with its lush green Mughal Gardens, serene Dal Lake, charming houseboats and captivating scenic beauty. Due to its high popularity among tourists, Srinagar offers numerous shopping destinations that offer unique masterpieces of Kashmiri art. In Srinagar, Lal Chowk is the best place to explore if you are looking for artefacts made of walnut wood. Find a huge variety of wooden items here that display an intricate work of excellence. For antique silver jewellery and dry fruits, especially for the walnuts, Residency Road is the place to check out. Aromatic spices like cumin seeds, cardamom and saffron are also available in abundance here. And for but obvious Pashmina handlooms and world-famous Kashmiri carpets, you will have to reach Badshah Chowk, a place that offers an exclusive collection of designer carpets, embroided Salwar Suits and other wollen items of Kashmir. You can also shop while enjoying a relaxing shikara ride in Dal Lake through floating vegetable market, a one-of-a-kind market in Srinagar. For obvious reasons, we would not suggest you to buy vegetables from this market but taking a nice bouquet of fresh flowers and gifting that to your loved one could surely be a good idea. What say?

Shopping in Pahalgam: 

Known as the ‘shephard’s paradise’, Pahalgam is a place best suitable to shop for exclusive wollens of Kashmir. Get a huge variety of traditional Kashmiri outfits here that are best in quality. Although there are not very lavish markets in Pahalgam but the main market of Pahalgam is enough to entice you with its great collection of Kashmiri woollens, rugs, carpets, artefacts, handicrafts and cozy Pashmina shawls. Also, ethnic woollen products such as ‘Namdas’ and ‘Gabbas’ are something that will catch your attention here. Do not forget to buy yourself a stylish poncho called ‘pheran’ from this market of Pahalgam.

Shopping in Gulmarg:  

Probably not a shopper’s paradise, Gulmarg has very limited options available for shopping. The main market, situated at the center of the town, is the only place where you could find an exclusive range of stunning silverware, ethnic carved furniture,  unique handicrafts and of course Kashmiri woollens. Well, you will have to explore a little more to find a best place to shop when in Gulmarg.    

Shopping in Ladakh: 

Ladakh is indeed a heaven on earth. Just like its magical picturesque charisma, Ladakh delights the shoppers with its exclusive Ladakhi items. For all those who love to collect relics of Buddha, Ladakh is the best place to visit. The place offers a wide array of Buddhist products such as tangkhas, copper somavars and prayer wheels. Also get an exquisite range of copper, brass and silver articles at the Village of Chilling which is situated at a distance of

from Nima I Ladakh.  The society of metal workers in the village produces beautiful masterpieces in the form of hookkah-bases, bowls, pots, silver stupas and ladles etc. Main Bazar Road, Changspa, Choglamsar are some of most popular shopping spots in Ladakh. However, if you are in Leh, Moti Market and Tibetan Market are two places not to be missed for sure.

By now, you must have got an idea what to shop and where to shop in Kashmir. So book your tickets now and get ready for a unique shopping experience at the valley of love and romance.

Till next update, Happy Shopping!!

About Author: Jasmeet is a reknowned travel blogger. She likes to visit various destination in India. Currently working as a part time blogger for eKashmirTourism.com – A Online Travel Agency for Kashmir Travel.

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Need of the Time!

It is a well known fact is that the real estate and housing market is seeing a never before slowdown. Those who own a good size of land are quite well off even today and may be even tomorrow because, land is something which cannot be produced by humans and we have to deal with only with what is available right here. This being the specialty of the real estate, many have made millions from this market and many have failed too. But before embarking on a journey which involves or includes land, you need to tread carefully and if you are interested in buying, there is no risk as such because you have in your possession a land which can be put to use at a later date and you have your value if not cash. During testing times, a land owner has something to depend on to and it is like having a roof on your head and you need not worry about it any further. Those who want to sell need to be cautious because, the cash that comes from that should be invested in land again at a better spot.


Take Note:

You must always take note and take stock of the property that you own from time to time to analyse your individual worth and what price you would be willing to part with it. If you are a buyer of houses, then too you need to exercise caution and not get carried away. The need for house or home inspection comes quite handy when you know what the value of the property that you are keen on buying is; the first step gets passed right away. When you have the intent to analyze the worth of your property and your house, the one place you can approach is home inspection all star, a concern which is giving you a very good service of doing the hard work for you.

What to Expect:

When it comes to knowing and understanding what their process is in analysing the property, they carry out several types of inspections. The house can be checked from the top to the bottom and no place or corner is left unnoticed by their hawk like eyes. They start with the examination of the roof and then the walls and coming down right at the land where the house stands. Apart from the brick and mortar, they also keep a keen eye on the plumbing quality and the present condition as well as the electrical network in and around the house and with this a plan can be developed and one can have an idea about what the actual situation of the house is and if anything needs to be preplaced or repaired and what is the actual worth of the house as it stands that day of inspection.

Know this!

If you want to put a price tag on the house, this is what you must go through before you can safely and comfortably say that you have a thorough examination done and you are confident that you are getting your worth. If you are on the other side of the river and buying is your intent, then this will be very handy and you can be very sure of what you are getting into and that you are paying for the right property and that which is not going to fall apart in near time.

The benefits

            If any repair is necessary before the actual purchase, the plan can be made with the suggestions from  home inspection all star.