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Review Of Banshee, Season 1

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The television series Banshee is about an ex-convict and master thief, Lucas Hood who assumed the identity of a murdered sheriff in a town where he continues his criminal activities. His past life seems to haunt him especially by betrayed some years ago. This master thief played by Anthony Starr imposes his own brand of justice where violence erupts at every turn in the noisy town of Amish, situated in Banshee, Pennsylvania.

It was created by David Schickler and Jonathan Trooper and was first aired in 2013 and currently has 10 episodes. This crime thriller has its cast as Rus Blackwell, Anthony Starr, Ivana Milicevic, and others. You will be thoroughly satisfied after watching each episode of this drama thriller series. Every episode will have you at the edge of your seat wondering if it could actually get any better, which it does. By the end of every episode you will be left in your chair speechless from the shock and you will want more. The show is that good.

Review Of Banshee, Season 1

Many people say this is going to be one of their favorite shows so long as it shows. I believe you’ll join them soon. I don’t think you will ever get enough of this series. This is because the acting is great, and the story is thrilling. The action scenes are perfectly done. Everything just goes together so well that you can’t wait for the next episode to start before you online and watch it.

When a pilot is good like the pilot of Banshee did, it typically leads for an amazing season and series. You should definitely check it out. Do not let the series cover confuse you because you may think it is a cartoon by mere looking at the cover but it is not. It is a full series with excellent acting from the four main acts and supporting cast.

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