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Sash Windows Coming Once Again Back In The Frame

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From time to time, both in the UK and in much of the world beyond, people turn to designs or décor elements used for generations, and realize they cannot be improved on. And then people rush to these designs or elements, calling them the new ‘in-things’ for outfitting the home. Such classic elements and accents become really more desirable, although outside the ‘in-thing’ many would not even have given them more than a second thought.

We are at the beginning of 2015 and double glazed sash windows are again coming to the spotlight, as a fabulous and fashionable feature. Everywhere up and down Great Britain, in most stately homes, including Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace, sash windows have been staples for quite long, even before modern buildings were started in blueprint form.

Those who are not familiar with what sash windows are would benefit from an explanation. These windows have their glass panes mounted in a ‘sash’ and so they can slide open to the side, or up and down. Throughout Britain, sash windows are the classic window’s type found in both country cottages and in vintage city homes – and they have also just begun to come in as a style in upgrades and refurbs.

Sash Windows Coming Once Again Back In The Frame

The obvious question is – why? Are there any genuine benefits of sash windows, making them stand beyond the standard windows type, or are they coming thanks to a fad, a ‘flash in the pan’?

Aesthetic Appeal

Firstly, we should consider the aesthetic benefit of sash windows. We should take into account that a property with sash windows added climbs considerably in aesthetic value, by a peg or two. Homes with new windows and doors fitted always get a new, totally different dynamic. Fitting new windows is a major overhaul indeed, but with sash windows, it is more than that – no other type of windows can match their classic elegance and old-school charm. That is a look which makes us hark back to past times with simplicity we all miss. So when home interior needs some lavish elegance which has a timeless appeal, sash windows are just the ticket.


Windows should be of real use for homeowners against the British elements. That means they should be uniquely versatile. When we talk about versatility, sash windows may not be the ones to leap out – they are not among the most versatile inventions that were ever introduced in the UK. But their versatility lies in their usefulness year-round; in that they are virtually unrivaled. Think about how you can fully open a sash window in the summer, to ventilate your home to the maximum. When the weather is poor, you can close it to the narrowest gap possible, and the essential ventilation will continue even when the winter elements are raging outside – but you will run no risk of moisture getting inside.

Long Lifespan

The long lifespan of sash windows is achieved thanks to the unique way of manufacturing and using them. In conventional windows, the hinges and functional areas are totally exposed to outside elements, and are susceptible to warping, rotting, corrosion, and also other types of slow damage which does its detriment steadily. Sash windows are fully encased – so they are better protected and much less subjected to environmental pressures.


In tests for security of conventional windows and modern sash windows which come with the best double glazing available nowadays on the market, the latter have proved to have consistently greater resistance to attacks. In general, it is impossible to unlock sash windows and open them from the outside, and they also pose considerably greater difficulty when someone tries to break in. Sash windows include several smaller windows with additional frames – therefore they pose a much higher challenge compared to large single-glass pane windows. When it comes to peace of mind, once again sash windows tick the box.

Adding to Property Value

The last, but certainly not the least important of the sash windows’ big benefits is their ability to add to the value of any property. People increasingly see sash windows as a symbol of good taste and the epitome of timeless elegance, and any property graced by such windows rises in value. Indeed, there are certainly some expenses you will accumulate to install them, but there is also a pretty high chance that all the costs you paid will be repaid down the line. With sash windows you will make a rare investment which will provide you with generous long-term returns.