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(PRLEAP.COM) August 28, 2014 - Newport Beach, California, August 20, 2014 – Max Alavi, Attorney at Law and Partner at Alavi & Broyles, has...

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According to studies 15% of cyberbullied children told their parents about it. Photo: Monkey Business/Fotolia.com Do you monitor your kids’ online time? Do you...
Future Technology and Our Ideas

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Technology has touched our lives easier. Various techniques have issues again in our lives miserable. Excellence is to improve people's lives day after day...
EPO Doping Hormones Reduce The Risk Of Very Preterm Infants Brain Abnormality

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Three doses of erythropoietin (EPO), is a Blood doping hormone that stimulates to form red blood cells, immediately after birth it significantly reduces Brain...
Cereal Is The Enemy! Protein Is The Breakfast Of Kings!

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Coincidentally, at the same time as being encouraged by a friend to try the NEW Atkins diet (which isn’t as dangerous for your heart...
Thermoburn Xtreme Ephedra – For Rapid Weight Loss

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Identified as a top-selling pill for weight loss, Thermoburn Xtreme Ephedra is an excellent choice for bodybuilders too. To be consumed as a pre-workout...