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The Importance Of A Well-Designed Exhibition Stand

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Have you ever wondered why so many companies take part in trade shows, exhibitions or expos? Obviously, the main aim isn’t to generate sales. Most of the companies that participate in trade shows usually set up a stall at the venue. For instance, if the exhibition is being held at the expo centre, all the participating businesses will be given a specific amount of space.

The company will then have to create banners, designs and set up a stall in order to attract customers. You may have noticed that most companies usually hand out brochures and catalogues to the people who visit their stands. This makes it obvious that the primary focus is on marketing the business. Rather than generate sales, companies that participate in trade shows are more interested in generating consumer interest.

The Importance Of A Well-Designed Exhibition Stand

However, generating consumer interest is much easier said than done. Hundreds of different companies participate in trade shows. How do you set your stall apart from the many others? How do you make it so inviting and attractive that anybody who walks into the hall is tempted to visit your stall? The importance of a well-designed exhibition stand cannot be understated. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to focus on the design of the stand:

It’s the First Thing That Visitors Notice

When a visitor walks into the hall, they usually take a quick look around before visiting individual stalls. What’s the first thing that they will notice when they initially look around? The design of the stand! If your exhibition stand is replete with banners, display kits and features a very unique design, the visitor may be tempted to walk over to your stall. The sole purpose of attending trade shows is to get people interested in your business. If your company is already famous, you would not want to participate in a trade show at all. The first impression plays a crucial role. Nobody likes to visit a stall that has just one stand-up display in the front. It just doesn’t give the right impression.

It Impresses Visitors

When a visitor walks over to your stall, your representatives will engage them. Obviously, this plays a major role in impressing the visitors. However, what most people don’t realise is that the design of the stand also plays a major role. If you have a well-designed exhibition stand and place for people to sit and talk, they will obviously be pleased.

Consumer psychology states that impressions usually live long after the meeting has ended. If the design of your stand was eye-popping and interesting, it will remain in the visitor’s mind. It won’t be long before they’ll visit your store in order to make a purchase. The design of the stand is more than enough to impress a visitor. If you work with a professional designing company such as Marler Haley, they will use different techniques and design analogies in order to set your stand apart from the rest.