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The Scientific Investigation Of Ancient Kennewick Man’s Life and His Secrets

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It was a long time ago in the Columbia River Valley; there was a seal hunter whose skeleton was found projectile point lodged in his hip with 5 broken ribs which were not properly healed. Two dents in his skull and repetitive stress of throwing spears

Scientists believe that he came from some place far from the Pacific Northwest coast, Alaska or the Aleutian Islands and also they believe that he might come from North America or from Asia.

The arguments came for the editor’s688-page peer-reviewed book “Kennewick Man. The scientist’s investigations of the Ancient skeleton will be published this fall in the TexasA&M University Press. The Story Kennewick Man was before told in lectures and interviews, but the new story is detailed with latest research that came after scientist research which is sued for accesses to the bones. The army crops Engineers has custody of the bones and stated to publish their research. Now this volume is available in thick form like a text book.

The Scientific Investigation Of Ancient Kennewick Man's Life and Share His Secrets

Kennewick Man was not from the place where he actually died, like said before scientists believe that he spent his whole young life travelling from place to place like Northwest and North Pacific coast where marine mammals were readily available.

Co-editor Richard Jantz said that, the man might have come from Asia; His co-editor Douglas Owsley agrees with the research and said that Kennewick Man Was the long distance traveler and survived many places. The book which is later published has many researches on the skeleton, the skeleton first discovered in 1996, it took many years to analysis of the molecular isotopes and gathered many clues that it was Kennewick’s Man.

The scientists said that Skeleton was almost 9000 years old, 5 feet 7 inches height and well-muscled.  Weighed 163-pound and approximate age 40 when he died. The cause of his death still remained a mystery. Also said that Kennewick Man’s skeleton has been the oldest skeleton ever found in the Americas it is clear that this man was long travelled and survived those ancient wild life, because the skull was so old and did not look like an American.

It is clear the Kennewick Man Book teaches us wealth information and also human population dynamics across the lost time. Owsley said that the Skeleton will be physical anthropology at the National History Museum and physical and Kennewick Man has become the teacher of ancient living of all ages. Owsley and his colleagues are in research and study for many unanswered questions about Kennewick Man.