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What Men Really Think

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AskMen.com’s Great Male Survey  was conducted with over 50,000 men in 2013 in order to find out how the modern man thinks, behaves and acts professionally, romantically and even in his spare time. Some of these statistics are shocking others…well…not so much, here are my top 10 most interesting finds from the survey:

What Men Really Think

  1. Did you know that 69% of British males who were asked said that they would take male birth control if it was available – would you?
  2. How far would you go to ‘pre-stalk’ a prospective partner? Well 51% of males asked will without a doubt check out a dates Facebook profile and 7% will check out all of their social media profiles! If you are dating girls be careful on what you put on twitter – it may just be read by your prospective date
  3. 49% of British males said they would break up with their girlfriend if they gained a significant amount of weight – what I would like to know is what a significant amount of weight is!!
  4. What is your choice of drink? Did you know that out of the people asked 72% of British men think whiskey is the ultimate man’s drink
  5. According to 35% of British males asked the majority thought that exercise is the best thing a man can do in order to improve his life
  6. 71% of British men in the survey spend between 1-3 hours a week watching pornography. How do they find the time? I certainly don’t have a spare three hours to do the housework let alone anything else!
  7. Which female celebrity would make your ideal partner? An overwhelming 47% said Emma Watson – well Hermonie Granger has certainly tickled the fancy of most men. She is currently studying for her masters and is also acting on the side – beauty and brains.
  8. One of the sweetest things I read was that 91% of respondents said they would get into a fight with a stranger to protect a loved one.
  9. Out of the males asked only 23% have made a bucket list, this surprised me as I thought there would be more. I mean who doesn’t have a list of things they want to do before they die?
  10. At what point would you lie to your partner? 66% of men said they would happily tell a little white lie in order to avoid an argument – in comparison to 7% of males who would happily tell a substantial lie in order to avoid being in the doghouse for an extended period – hmm be wary females!

How to Conduct a Survey of your Own

Fancy re-creating this? Why not create your own online survey and ask people to fill it in? You could start with family and friends and slowly move out to the rest of social media asking people to share it and eventually the tree will grow so much that you’ll have a huge response and then you can analyse the date (much to what I have) and come to some interesting conclusions of your own. Try using a survey software and exam software in order to get the best survey you can, the more professional it looks the more likely you are to get people to answer it.